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Caring for your Beadworkz jewellery

Beadworkz jewels are made using durable and lasting materials, and as with all treasured objects, your care will ensure their longevity. Below are some tips to care for your treasured jewel, and in case something happens, we offer a repair service so you can rest assured of enjoying your piece for a very long time! 

~Use a soft, dry cloth to clean your jewellery, or wipe gently with a soft bristle toothbrush to remove dust.
~Minimise contact with perfume and cosmetics: we advise that you put your jewellery on after applying perfume and make-up.
~Also minimise contact with chemicals and salt water: we advise that you remove your jewellery before going swimming.
~Removing before going to bed will also give your jewellery a better night's sleep.
~Avoid dropping onto hard surfaces. The beads are made of glass, so some of the heavier designs will be fragile in terms of impact durability & avoid extreme heat or leaving for prolonged periods in direct sunlight.
~Some of the metallic glass beads will fade over time when worn against the skin. This is due to natural body oils. While this slightly changes the colour from when your jewel was first aquired, it also enhances the antique-like quality of the piece.


Please note the ‘silver’ and ‘steel’ tone options are made with nickle plated glass beads. This may cause an reaction when worn against the skin for some people who are sensitive to nickle. If you have a known sensitivity to nickle, please message us to discuss alternative colour options in your favorite designs.

Likewise, if you have any known metal allergies, please message us so we can ensure the earwires and clasps are suitable for you personally.