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Story of a Bead-Weaver

I'm Hannah. I personally design and create each piece of Beadworkz jewellery in my sunny Dunedin studio. I have over 30 years' experience as a beadwork artisan. Some of my designs have won art awards and others have appeared in fashion magazines. 
The medium of beadwork, which involves techniques of intricately weaving seed beads into a tapestry-like effect, owes its legacy to African and Native American cultures where beaded adornments were valued for spiritual and social significance. I have chosen the label Beadworkz for my brand to highlight the significance of this age-old medium.
I spent my childhood in the mountains of Northern California where I found obsidian arrow-heads in the river banks, and stones of agate and jasper that I set to polishing and making into pendants. This was the beginning of a lifelong passion. Today, I weave natural gemstones and river pearls within webs of glass beads to create jewels with a mystic, old-world charm. Whilst honouring my early lessons in Native American beadwork, many of my designs have been inspired also by travels through India, Europe and parts of the Middle East. I currently live in Dunedin, New Zealand, dividing my time between tutoring Anthropology students and running Beadworkz Studio, where I offer classes and endeavour to transform the humble bead into an exquisite body adornment.